Folder District Classified and Certified Handbooks (2 Files)
Download Classified
Download Certified
Folder District Code of Conduct (1 Files)
Download 16-17 Code of Conduct
Folder Operations (1 Files)
Download Asbestos Management Plan
Folder SBDM Information (4 Files)
Download Managing Government Records
Download Your Duty Under The Law
Download Proof of Receipt
Download Certificate of Distribution
Folder School Calendar (11 Files)
Download 16-17 Amended Calendar
Download 2017-2018 Calendar
Download 2016-2017 Amended School Calendar
Download 2016-2017 School Calendar
Download 2015-2016 Amended School Calendar
Download 2015-2016 School Calendar
Download 2014-2015 Revised Calendar
Download 2013-2014 School Calendar
Download 2012-2013 School Calendar
Download 2011-2012 School Calendar
Download 2010-2011 School Calendar
Folder Certified Evaluation Forms (26 Files)
Download Breckinridge County Certified Evaluation Plan 2015-2016.pdf
Sub Folder Template Forms (25 Files)
Download Form A
Download Form B
Download Form C
Download Form D - Curriculum Specialist
Download Form D - Guidance
Download Form D - Librarian
Download Form D - Preschool Teacher
Download Form D - School Psychologist
Download Form D - Speech Pathologist
Download Form D - Supervisor/Coordinator/Director
Download Form D - Teacher
Download Form D- Administrator
Download Form E - Administrator
Download Form E - Curriculum Specialist
Download Form E - Guidance
Download Form E - Librarian
Download Form E - Preschool Teacher
Download Form E - School Psychologist
Download Form E - Speech Pathologist
Download Form E - Supervisor/Coordinator/Director
Download Form E - Teacher
Download Form F
Download Form G
Download Form H
Download Form J
Folder Classified Evaluation Forms (3 Files)
Download Classified 60-day Evaluation Form
Download Classified Evaluation Form
Download Classified Improvement Plan
Folder District and School Improvement Plans (7 Files)
Download District Improvement Plan
Download BCHS 16-17 CSIP
Download BCMS 16-17 CSIP
Download BJES 16-17 CSIP
Download CES 16-17 CSIP
Download HES 16-17 CSIP
Download IES 16-17 CSIP